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Welcome to the Augmented Perception Lab at the CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

We focus on understanding how users perceive and interact with digital information, and building technology that goes beyond the flat displays of PCs and smartphones. Our goal is to advance users' capabilities when interacting with the digital world. To achieve this, we create and study enabling technologies and computational approaches that control when, where and how virtual content is displayed to increase the usability of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality interfaces.

The Augmented Perception lab is headed by Prof. David Lindlbauer. If you want to work with us, please check out our Team page.

Selected Publications

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Thomas Langerak, Juan José Zárate, David Lindlbauer, Christian Holz, Otmar Hilliges.
UIST 2020
David Lindlbauer, Anna Maria Feit, Otmar Hilliges.
UIST 2019
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